About R.E.V.

dennisI am Dennis M. Schultz, guitar player and creator of R.E.V., which I host some of the most talented musicians and singers in the Detroit area. My first project “Beyond Armageddon” is a blend of contemporary and smooth jazz with gospel roots. This project was a long time coming and it didn’t happen overnight.

I’ve had this great love for music for as long as I can remember. Riding in the backseat of the car while my dad ran his Saturday errands, I became familiar with the old greats. Nat Cole, Johnny Mathis, Sarah Vaughn, singing “Broken Hearted Melody” and many, many others. My first true guitar influence was from a group called the Ventures from the late 50’s. Soon after, Lonnie Mack’s “Memphis” blew me away. Didn’t yet have a desire to actually PLAY guitar until the start of the “British Invasion”. I was a huge fan of most of the groups, but for whatever reason, The Yardbirds stood out. I became enamored with the guitar styling of Jeff Beck. From “I’m a Man” to “I’m Not Talking” to “Steelyard Blues” and many more.

My mother eventually saw the sincerity of my desire for a real, live “electric guitar”. One day, at age 14 she came home from work and called me down from my room, saying, “Come downstairs, I’ve got a surprise for you.” I’m figuring it was a quart of Dairy-Lea chocolate milk which she knew I loved, but the surprise greatly surpassed that. Sitting on the kitchen table was firstly, my heart’s desire in a black and burgundy sunburst guitar and secondly a small amplifier with tremolo! Sears and Roebuck specials, both going for $49.95, if I remember correctly. From that day forth, life has never been the same.

As for this CD project, a number of the melodies you will hear have been rolling through my head for years and for several of them, over 20. My desire was always to “make an album” but upon retiring from the Navy in ’92, I drove a big rig for the next 23 years and was only able to get in the studio when I wasn’t rolling, which wasn’t very often. Ultimately, I decided to come off the road long enough to finally accomplish this seemingly interminable task.

Long story short, the “vision has come to fruition” and this was strictly in God’s timing, not my own. “Have You Checked the Time?” (It’s Later Than You Think) was originally written in ’95, but the words are obviously much more relevant today. It goes without saying that EVERY word and note of inspiration is from the Lord and not me… I’m just the pencil point… ha!

For the record, when the Lord called me to the Ministry in ’96, he gave me the ministry of eschatology, or the “study of the end times” of which I have always been intrigued. So subsequently, this “end times” theme is blatantly evidenced in my music. The initials, “R.E.V.” have no particularly acronymic value other than standing for the first three letters of the book of REVelation, so there you have it. Wait a minute, how about , “Really Enthusiastic Voices”, for the ones you’ll hear on this project? Too much of a stretch? Yeah, you’re probably right… lol Nevertheless, we hope this music blesses your soul as well as the vocal tracks speak to and encourage your soul. One last word from Matt. 24:44 “Therefore, be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think NOT, the Son of Man cometh.”